Interaction with old CVS

As you might have noticed, not all the per package tags have been imported into the main CMSSW git repository. In particular per-package tags and branches are not going to be migrated automatically, to avoid overpopulating the repository.

On the other hand we do want to simplify the job of porting those tags from CVS to git we have prepared a few tools which will hopefully make the task easy.

First of all, a read only, immutable, version of every package in CMSSW packages will be available as a standalone git repository at:<subsystem>-<package>

Where <subsystem> and <package> are as found in CVS. E.g.:

These repository will contain every tag and branch for the given package. Just like you used to find them when navigating in CVS. The only difference being that each tag is now prepended with <subsystem>-<package>- to simplify importing them in the main git repository.

In order to simplify import from CVS, we also provide a wrapper script: git cms-cvs-history, which can be used to navigate and possibly import per package tags into your favorite CMSSW git branch.

Listing the tags available in CVS for a given package.

git cms-cvs-history tags <package>

where <package> is in the usual form Subsystem/Package, e.g.:

git cms-cvs-history tags Configuration/Generator

Importing a given tag for a given package

git cms-cvs-history import <tag> <package>


git cms-cvs-history import V01-15-12 Configuration/Generator

Diffing two tags:

git cms-cvs-history diff <cvs-tag1>..<cvs-tag2> <package>

equivalent to cvs diff -r <cvs-tag1> -r <cvs-tag2> <package>.

Package log:

git cms-cvs-history log <branch> <package>

Whole history of a given <branch>.