Starting a new release cycle.

In order to start a new release cycle you need to be an administrator of both cms-sw/cmssw, cms-sw/cmsdist and have write privileges to jenkins (to setup IBs).

The following needs to happen:

This is enough to setup releases. In order to have IBs you also need to.

  • Edit and add the appropriate line for a new IB. The options which need to be provided are:
    • SCRAM_ARCH: the architecture for the given IB.
    • PKGTOOLS_TAG: the PKGTOOLS branch to be used.
    • CMSDIST_TAG: the CMSDIST branch to be used.
    • RELEASE_QUEUE: the CMSSW branch to be used.
    • DISABLED: optional, if present, regardless of it’s value, the associated IB will be disabled. This means that jenkins will not schedule IBs for that release queue.
    • ADDITIONAL_TESTS: optional. Can have one or more of the following values, comma separated:
      • HLT: run special HLT tests
      • baseline: run baseline tests so that pull requests can be checked against this IB.
      • static-checks: run clang static analyser checks.
      • dqm-checks: run dqm specific checks.
      • If you need to add more, please make sure you modify build-any-ib in jenkins as well.

After setting up, tag-all-ibs and build-any-ib in jenkins will build the IB as you configured it. You can use the parameters RELEASE_FILTER, SCHEDULE_BUILDS and ARCHITECTURE_FILTER in tag-all-ibs to test your new IB.