Rosetta Stone

Converting CVS-speak to git-speak

tagset topic branch
publish a tagset create a pull request
addpkg git cms-addpkg
checkdeps git cms-checkdeps
cmstc tagset <tagset-id> -a git cms-merge-topic <topic-id>
cvs log git log
cd $CMSSW_BASE ; cvs diff -r HEAD git diff --staged
cvs diff git diff --staged .
cvs diff -r some tag git diff -r <some-tag>
cvs diff -r TAG1 -r TAG2 <path> git diff TAG1..TAG2 -- <path>

Useful aliases to ease transition:

You can set up the given aliases by doing:

git config --global alias.cms-<alias-name> '<alias code>'

then you can reuse them via:

git cms-<alias-name>

it’s recommended you prefix your aliases with “cms-“ or “your-name-“ so that people coming from the real world actually know about the fact it’s not an official git command.

CVS command git alias
cvs rdiff -r TAG1 -r TAG2 <package> git config --global alias.cms-rdiff '!git-rdiff $@' ; git cms-rdiff TAG1..TAG2 -- <package>

Converting “Real World” git to “CMS” git

Rest of the world CMS
upstream official-cmssw
origin my-cmssw