How to Build a CMSSW Release

Create CMSSW Github Issue:

Create a new cmssw issue. Only github users mentioned here can request for a release. The title of the issue should be

Build CMSSW_NN_MM_OO<_pre[0-9]+|_[a-zA-Z]*patch[0-9]+><_TYPE>

where <_TYPE> and <_pre[0-9]+|_[a-zA-Z]*patch[0-9]+> are optional e.g. CMSSW_8_1_0, CMSSW_8_1_0_patch2, CMSSW_9_0_0_pre2, CMSSW_9_0_0_pre2_ROOT6

Body of the issue may contain extra exformation about the release e.g. following keys are supported

#Override the cmssw branch to use for creating release tag
#Override the Commit on the branch to use to tag the release. It can be commit hash or an existing tag
TAG_COMMIT: d82023a1d4f3ffd80183cf3f1f37cfe09a99399a

By default build system uses CMSSW_NN_MM<_TYPE>_X branch to build the release. You can override it by setting RELEASE_QUEUE in the body of the issue.

By default the build system uses tip of CMSSW_NN_MM<_TYPE>_X or RELEASE_QUEUE branch of cmssw to tag the release. You can override it by setting TAG_COMMIT in the body of the issue.

Make sure that releases config information file contains at least one line matching RELEASE_QUEUE=CMSSW_NN_MM_X;

Once issue is created then CMS build bot will acknowledge it.

Start build process:

One of the release managers can comment with +1 on the issue to start the build process.

CMS build bot should then guide you (via comments in the issue) how to proceed with upload and announce the release.

Old instruction to build release are available here