For CMSSW Pull requests, following commands in first line of a comment are recognized

  • +1|approve[d]|sign[ed]|+category: L1/L2’s to approve it
  • -1|reject[ed]|-category: L1/L2’s to reject it
  • assign <category>[,<category>[,...]]: Any L1/L2’s to request signatures from other categories
  • unassign <category>[,<category>[,...]]: Any L1/L2’s to remove signatures from other categories
  • hold: L1/all L2’s/release manager/developers listed here to mark it as on hold
  • unhold: L1/user who put this PR on hold
  • merge: L1/release managers to merge this request
  • urgent: L1/L2/requestor to mark it as an urgent request to be merged
  • backport [of ]#<PR>: L1/L2/requestor to mark it as a backport request
  • type gh-label-name(,gh-label-name,...): L1/L2/requestor to add an extra label for this github Pull Request
    • type bug|bugfix|bug-fix: To add bugfix label
    • type [new-]feature|[new-]idea: To add new-feature lebal
    • type doc[umentation]|performance|improvements|performance-improvements: To add documentation and/or performance-improvements label
    • type lumi,hgcal,rpc: To add extra lumi, hgcal and rpc labels.
  • type -gh-label-name(,-gh-label-name,...): L1/L2/requestor to remove an already added label for this github Pull Request
  • code-checks: By default cms-bot runs code-checks for all Pull Requests made for master branch. If for any reason code-checks tests are not run then one can force start code-checks using this command.
    • code-checks with cms.weekN.PR_hash/tool-conf-version: In case an external update is needed to run code-checks (e.g. due to interface changes in header files) then first run PR tests for cmsdist/external which should deploy externals on CVMFS. Then request the code-checks with the newly deployed externals tools configuration e.g. code-checks with cms.week0_PR_01234567/47.0-cms2 (external tools configuration is available via cmsdist PR summary page).
    • code-checks and apply patch: This command can be used to run code-checks and apply the needed code-checks changes.
  • Ignoring PR tests results: Anyone who can trigger tests can issue this command or use test parameters to ignore some of the PR tests results e.g.
    • ignore clang-warnings: To ignore clang warnings results
    • ignore build-warnings: To ignore build warnings results
    • ignore tests-rejected with (manual-override|ib-failure|external-failure): To ignore test and relval failures:
      • manual-override: if the failure is not related to a given PR
      • ib-failure: if the failure also happens in IBs
      • external-failure: if the failure is caused by external factor
    • ignore none: Do not ignore any tests results.
  • Enable extra PR tests: Anyone who can trigger tests can issue this command or use test parameters to enable some extra PR tests e.g.
    • enable gpu,threading,profiling,high_stats,nano: To run extra GPU, threading relval,profiling tests, high statistic relvals and/or nano tests.
    • enable profiling: To run Igprof and generate resource graphs
    • enable high_stats: To run high stats relvals tests
    • enable nano: To run tests for special nano workflows
    • enable hlt_p2_timing: To run HLT Phase2 Timing tests
    • enable none: To disable all extra tests
  • Allowing a user to trigger tests: L1/L2/Release managers can issue this command to give test triggering rights to a user for a specific pull request
    • allow @username test rights: Allows github user username to start the tests by using one of the please test commands.
  • Testing PR: L1/L2 and developers listed here to start jenkins tests using [@cmsbuild,] please test [workflow <workflow>[,<workflow>[...]]] with (repository|)#PR[,(repository|)#PR[,...]] [for [CMSSW_QUEUE|SCRAM_ARCH][CMSSW_QUEUE/SCRAM_ARCH]]]. Note that test parameters e.g workflows to test, extra pull requests to use etc. could also be provided via test parameters command. Any extra test parameter provided here will override default test parameters
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test: To start tests
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test with (repository|)#PR[,(repository|)#PR[,...]]: Run tests with extra PRs
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test workflow <workflow>[,<workflow>[...]]: Run tests with extra runTheMatrix workflows
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test workflow <workflow>[,<workflow>[...]] with (repository|)#PR[,(repository|)#PR[,...]]: Run tests with extra workflows, cmssw PRs and cmsdist PR
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test for CMSSW_11_0_ROOT6_X: Run tests using CMSSW_11_0_ROOT6_X IBs.
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test for CMSSW_11_0_DEVEL_X/slc7_amd64_gcc900: Run tests using CMSSW_11_0_DEVEL_X slc7_amd64_gcc900 IBs.
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test for slc7_amd64_gcc820: Run tests using slc7_amd64_gcc900 SCRAM_ARCH IBs.
    • [@cmsbuild,] please test workflow <workflow>[,<workflow>[...]] with (repository|)#PR[,(repository|)#PR[,...]] for CMSSW_11_0_ROOT6_X: Run tests with extra workflows, cmssw PRs and cmsdist PR using CMSSW_11_0_ROOT6_X IBs.
  • PR testing parameters: Users who can trigger PR tests can also provide extra test parameters by commenting on the pull request. Comment should have the following format
    test parameters:
    [  - ](workflow|relval)(s|)(_gpu|_threading|_high-stats|_nano|_profiling|) = <workflow>[,<workflow>[,...]]
    [  - ]pull_request(s|) = (repository|)#PR[,(repository|)#PR[,...]]
    [  - ]release = release_cycle|architecture|release_cycle/architecture
    [  - ]baseline = self|default         #default: Use production arch IB as baseline; self: use same release/arch for PR tests and baseline
    [  - ]enable(_test(s|)|) = none,gpu,threading,profiling,high-stats,nano,hlt_p2_timing
    [  - ]ignore_test(s|) = build-warnings|build-warnings|none
    [  - ]skip_test(s|) = static|header   #skip static check and/or header consistency 
    [  - ]full(_cmssw|) = true|false
    [  - ]disable_poison = true|false
    [  - ]container = cmssw/cc7(:amd64-dYYYYMMDD|)
    [  - ]jenkins_node = jenkins-node-label
    [  - ](cms-|)addpkg = <cmssw_package>[,<cmssw_package>[,...]]
    [  - ](workflow|relval)_opt(ion|)(s|)(_input|_threading|_gpu|_high-stats|_nano|) = <runTheMatrix-extra-options for normal relval or special input/threading/gpu jobs>
  • [@cmsbuild,] please abort[ test]: Those who can request the test can ask to abort a running/on going test.
  • [@cmsbuild,] please close: L1/L2/Release managers can issue this command to close a pull requests.
  • release-note[s]: <multi line message>
    • L1/L2/requestor and developers listed here to provide release-notes. This command can be issued multiple time.